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  • Access to service information for GM vehicles built between 1980 and 2016. (Is my vehicle covered?)

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  • Thousands of repair procedures, all with detailed instruction and images. (See examples)

  • Robust searching, printing, and image viewing functions.

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Updated nearly every day.

We receive updates directly from GM and process them immediately so that our system will have the most up-to-date information available, directly from the manufacturer. Updates occur on a nearly daily basis.

Last Update: 08/17/2011

26 documents were added or updated.
13 images were added or updated.
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Contained within this site is information for most domestic GM models built since 1980. We have built a custom web-based application using our unique tree-based navigation and combined it with a daily feed of updated information from GM to create a solution for your repair and diagnosis needs. Our focus is on making the information easy to find, enabling you to increase your shop's efficiency.
With our application, you'll be able to look up a repair procedure using our robust searching tools, view close-up detail on a schematic or routing diagram using our image tools, and print each procedure in a clear, readible format using our printing tools.

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Coming soon: Bulletin notification service

Coming soon: Bulletin notification service!

Receive e-mails in your inbox the instant a bulletin is issued for any vehicle of your choice!
  • Multiple vehicles supported: Sign up to receive notifications for all of your vehicles. Any vehicle supported in our vehicle coverage tool is available for this service.
  • Instant notification: As soon as we receive word from GM that a bulletin has been issued, we issue an alert e-mail to you immediately.
  • Flexible subscription options: Lifetime notification service available, along with a yearly option at reasonable prices.
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Manuals available differ from vehicle to vehicle (see vehicle coverage for more information) and may include:
  • Service Manuals: Including repair instructions, diagnostic information and procedures, specifications, schematic and routing diagrams and component locators for all modules on a vehicle. For select models. (See vehicle coverage.)
  • Bulletins: Release information in a number of categories including campaign, technical, information, warranty administration, engineering information, and advanced service information.
Please feel free to learn more about our application. Take a product tutorial, see if your vehicle(s) are covered using our vehicle coverage tool or view our subscription rates and subscribe today!

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